Top 5 Paper Food Packaging Companies in India

The Food and Beverage industry has seen tremendous growth over time and on the side paper food packaging companies have also been increasing in India. Paper food packaging companies are in high demand these days due to eco-friendly and sustainable practices in India.

Over time, the number of food packaging companies in India will rise and grow.

Top 5 companies who have made their place in the F&B industry are: 1. Mahalaxmi Flexible Packaging:

Mahalaxmi flexible packaging is known for its quality and customer satisfaction rating of the product. It manufactures a huge variety of paper food packaging for restaurants, QSR, food joints, bakeries and sweet shops. The company was established in 2000 and is situated in U.P.. This is the main reason for the company being in the top 5. For their innovative concepts, new arrivals consist of food packaging brand Mpacks, with a wide range of food packaging product introduced like pizza packagi…

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